Ultimate Guide to Lake Geneva, Switzerland in 2 Days

lake-genevaThere is so much to do around Geneva  but with only two days you can squeeze in everything you need to see. During our layover we were able to explore Lake Geneva and the areas around it.

  • Day 1

    • After ariving in Geneva, take the two hour train ride to Montreux. Here we stayed at the Hotel Eden Palace Au Lac (recommend!)  There, choose any of the quaint cafes or bistros to have lunch as you take a stroll down the not to be missed boardwalk along Lake Geneva.
    • As you walk along the boardwalk, visit Chillion castle beside the lake to admire and explore. This castle was also used as the inspiration for the castle in The Little Mermaid movie.
    • As you walk along the river be sure to keep an eye out for the Freddie Mercury statue. The statue was placed in Montreux where the band recorded a total of seven albums at the Mountain Studios.
  • Day 2

    • Take the two hour train ride to Gruyère through the mountains. In the town visit the working cheese factory to view the cheese making process and sample the Gruyère cheese named after the town. This  is a traditional, creamery and unpasterized semi soft cheese known around the world.
    • Also take time to explore the small town hidden behind walls as it transports you back in time for an authentic midevil feel.
    • Dont miss the opportunity to taste the local fondue within the walled town.
    • Take the train back to Montreux and onto Gevena for the evening in preperation for another flight.

If you have more time consider taking the opportunity to continue looking around Geneva .

Next, on to Lisbon, Portugal…  To be continued

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