Complete Guide to Lisbon, Portugal in 2 Days 

After visiting Lake Gevena in Switzerland we continued onto Lisbon, Portugal and were able to use our limited time to explore the city and sample delicious foods!

Day One

  • After arriving in the city we highly recommend taking  a bus to get a feel for the city and stop off where it looks interesting to you. We visited The Castello at one of the bus stops and toured around to get a fantastic view of the harbor and the city from the walls.
  • Walk the streets after the castle tour and stop to visit a Historic Church in the area (mentioned in the city guide). Lisbon has a tour of the underground city the time we were there but the lineup was around the block. This would have been a great look if you are willing to wait the many hours. NOT! Basically there is a door in the middle of one of the street and they have a controlled entrance from there. If you have the time and the tour is open it looked interesting from the outside and could be worth exploring.
  • A must is to find  a local pastry shop and buy a custard tart that is a “must buy” whenever you come across it.
  • Later on we went to supper that evening and ordered sardines to start … HOLD ON !!!! Don’t stick your nose up. These are an amazing delicate white fish about 8-10 inches long and when properly prepared, are absolutely delicious. The main dish was a tasty shrimp with rice that was equally as deliciousness our starter

Day Two

  • If your hotel is close enough like ours was you can walk the city again from your b&b and stroll down Rua Agusta off the Parca Don Pedro. This is a pedestrian only street and goes right to the River . You can see the Arco at the end of the street and it is a nice walk in good weather. The arc is interesting but there in not much of a view to see after that.
  • For lunch consider visiting any of the cafes on the street before visited a few shops. We took the rest of the afternoon to go back to the B&B and spend a little time on the balcony enjoying the weather, the view and the wine.
  • When you go out again for dinner we suggest ordering the fish platter for two since it was so delicious and included cod, shrimp, squid, etc. Just a tip, when you sit down the waiter will bring you a platter with olives etc. This is NOT free !! If you take then you pay. Just say NO because you do not know how many tables this has been refused by.
  • The cafe we ate at was on a small alley so I had to keep my chair tight to the table to avoid the cars that came up the alley every so often. It was a well spent evening and the food was just as great as the rest of our night.

Bed & Breakfast Recommendation:

  • We stayed at a B&B on Calcada do Duque, near Parca Dom Pedro IV. It was a convenient walk to all we wanted to see and centrally located to Lisbon. Our balcony view could not be better as it overlooked the city with the Castello de s Jorge high in the background.

Overall had an amazing time in Lisbon with the stunning views and super nice people.

Next….Off to the Algarve………

If you have visited Lisbon leave your experience below, we would love to hear about your adventure!

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