What To Do With 3 Nights in Salema, Portugal


Next on our travel itinerary was Salema, Portugal where we visited the Almendres Cromlech and drove along the coast to see the cliffs, beaches and the ocean.


  • We rented a car in Lisbon and began our journey to the Algarve with a diversion to Evora to see the  Almendres Cromlech. We highly recommend as it is a spectacular hillside location among olive and cork trees. This stone circle is the most important megalithic site in Portugal with it’s 96 standing stones arranged in an oval in 5000-4000 BC. 
  • From Evora, we decided to drive the side roads to take in the lay of the land. Eventually, we chose the main highway to make the most of our daylight travel time to the small village of Salema, our end destination.


  • Our B&B, at the top of the hill in Salena, was walk able to the village situated on a beautiful  sandy beach . We spent the rest of the day relaxing on the beach chairs and had a glass of wine courteously delivered to us from an entrepreneur at the beach hut. We than had supper in the village at Restaurant Atlantico.

Day 3

  • We drove to the small town of Sagres and visited the fort, Fortaleza de Sagres, then up the coast to Carrapateira where we took estarda (street)  da Praia to see some fantastic views of the cliffs, beaches and ocean. Fog often moves in later in the day so plan your trip accordingly.
  • Back To Salema and an evening out for a cocktail at the Aventura Bar and pizza at BoloBar, both located on R. des Pescadores in the village.

Day 4

  • We drove to Faro, Portugal to return the rental car and confirmed our travel arrangements to Seville. (N.B. Portugal and Spain do not appreciate having their cars dropped off in each other’s country and it is “over the roof” expensive if you choose to do that).  If the rental in Faro has a Spanish car available you may be able to arrange a one way drop off rental to Spain.  Otherwise, fly or take a bus to Spain.

Coming Soon………….  Two nights out in Seville, Spain

Tell us your experiences in Portugal below in the comments!


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