What to do in Rome,Italy

Italy is too elaborate to deliver in one big post so we are dividing it up for your reading pleasure. We will post in the order of Rome, Cinque Terre then Tuscany followed by our last stop through Amsterdam.

  • We flew into Rome and took a pre-arranged shuttle to our B&B which was located within walking distance of the Vatican and included a roof top view of St. Peters Basilica in the distance. We then purchased lunch and wine at a local grocery store and enjoyed a light afternoon bite on our balcony before venturing out.
  • That afternoon we took the bus to the Altare Della Patria, an Impressive monument, and walked from there to the Trevi Fountain (Trevia, in Italian, translates to “three streets” This fountain is located where the three streets meet, thus the name Trevi ). Our walk continued onto the Spanish Steps and the Pantheon with supper in the Trastevere district at a small street side restaurant. Our supper started with fresh white anchovies then lemon and bread followed with Pasta of course. F.Y.I. ….It is customary for Italians offer a Primo (first course) followed by a Second (second course).
  • As a side note, at the Altare Della Parria monument, our ladies asked directions from a George Clooney look alike wearing a tailored grey three piece suite and Pope like leather shoes. They spent a lot of time getting the directions as us two gents wearing shorts, tee shirts and baseball caps admired the variety of European cars. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


  • The Vatican tour with St Peter’s Basilica will take the best part of your day so plan accordingly. It’s best to pay a few more dollars and take a pre arranged tour rather than wait in line forever. The sculptures are amazing and in particular the “Pieta”. Even if you are not religious, the Vatican spectacle is well worth your time.


  • Again, a guided tour of the Coliseum, Arch of Constantine, Aventine Hill and Palatine Hill (two of the seven hills in Rome) requires a full day but well worth the time spent. Bring water as it can be hot!

Ciao………… coming next, Cinque Terre ( Five villages )


Tip: A three day bus pass can be purchased from local vendors which will allow you to reach out to the city easily. Keep an eye open out for the scooters!

Observation: Be spontaneous in your choice of a restaurant in Rome during your visit and you may be pleasantly surprised. The house wine at most restaurants will more than meet your taste and exceed your expectations. Food and wine is something that the Italians just simply do very well 

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