The Secret To Exploring the Province of Arezzo, Italy

After our stay in Rome, we drove from Montorosso al Mare to Cortona which took approximately 4 hours driving on excellent roads once again.

  • This medieval town of Cortona has an interesting piazza & church. There are structures and small alleys to investigate, shops to rummage through and a unique main street accessed by use of an escalator (Yes, that is correct…….an escalator!) to transport you from the parking lot at the base of town to the main street.
  • Our accommodation at “La Mucchia Casa Vacanza” was a well completed farm house refurbish with all the amenities, including a pool. It’s located at the foot of the Cortonese hills and about ten minutes drive to the town of Cortona.
  • Our host at the time recommended a restaurant in Cortona as well as a local winery for a tasting and an informal walk through their wine making process. We took the advice and both recommendations turned out to be a special memory of our visit to Cortona.
  • For our dinner there was Pasta, of course, as well as a sampler plate of hot meats for the table. The meats, all of which were absolutely delicious, included Rabbit, Guinea Hen and Cinqhiale.  As a side note, Steak Florentine or in Italian “Bistecca Fiorentina” should be on your must eat list. The opportunity to try the steak did not present itself when I was in Tuscany so I guess that I will just have to go back again!

Recipe Bistecca Fiorentina:

  • Using Cortina as your base, it’s a short drive to the towns of Assisi, Montepulciano, Siena and Montefollonico  and well worth the travel time. Montefollonico is the smallest of the towns and should not be excluded.  Visiting Assisi will take the better part of a day by itself. The visuals in and around these hill top towns are a treat for the eyes and soul.
  • Cortona has a long and varied history and is a subject onto it self. If you are interested in more detail, there are many goods books touching on the history of this town and Tuscan cooking.

Ciao……………Next is our journey home by way of Amsterdam !

Tip: An easy read novel, with Cortona as a backdrop, is written by Frances Mayes and titled “Under the Tuscan Sun”.  

Observation: Each town in Italy has their own passionate view on how food should be prepared and why their version of the meal is absolutely the best ever.  If you were to visit Italy every year for the rest of your life you could not possibly see it all so you better start now !


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