Welcome Me Darlin, to St.John’s Newfoundland!

Welcome me Darlin !

  • Our June arrival at the St. John’s International airport was just in time to have lunch at a patio bar on George Street.  George Street is located in the heart of St. John’s and boasts the most bars and pubs per square foot of any street in North America.  After lunch, we took a stroll around town to get our sea legs and buy some food for the week.  Then, off to the Rental house to enjoy the rest of the sunny day beside the Atlantic Ocean. We would re-visit George Street again during this trip.
  • Our rental home was located next to the lighthouse at the narrows entrance to St. John’s harbor in Fort Amherst. The famous Signal Hill and the Cabot Tower were directly across from our location and the Atlantic Ocean was our neighbor. A tour to see the icebergs involved opening the back door or looking out the window and there they were in all their glory. The Bergs cannot properly be described with words or in pictures. They must be seen in person to truly appreciate their size and majesty!
  • The next day, we drove along the coast to Petty Harbor taking in the sights and stopping for lunch at Chafe’s Landing Restaurant. The lobster roll was a one pound portion and the fish chowder was so filled with seafood that you could walk on it. There was a wait to be seated and the place was crowded in mid-afternoon. That often tells you something about the quality of the food.
  • According to the most travel experts, the best time to visit Nfld. is in July and August but the weather in the last week of June certainly was co-operating with our travel plans. When we were in Newfoundland, the Capelin were rolling. These tiny fish roll on to the beaches to spawn and the locals catch them with hand thrown weighted nets. It’s Interesting to see the tradition of fishing for capelin as well as the people enjoying the family outing with their fires on the beach at dusk.  The Whales and the comical looking Puffin birds, to name a few, feed on the Capelin. The people of Newfoundland have the same casual welcoming spirit that we experienced in Ireland.

One thought on “Welcome Me Darlin, to St.John’s Newfoundland!”

  1. All the homes are cookie cutter, but I love how each one is a different bright colour. How lucky were you to get a place right by the water to see the boats go by and the size of the icebergs. Enjoying reading about your trips and seeing the pictures.


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