Back Again Me Darlin?

Welcome back again me Darlin!

  • Next on our trip was down to Bay Bulls to the O’Brien’s Whale and Bird Boat Tour. The tour staff was knowledgeable, friendly, accommodating and more than pleased to ”screech-in” a few clients who were also lucky enough to kiss the cod, as is the custom. (Think of Screech as Newfoundland’s Rum based moonshine). Whales and Puffins were aplenty on the voyage. After the tour we lunched at their restaurant and headed back to St. John’s for a sky top view of the harbor from Signal Hill.
  • Golf was the war call for the day and we played at the “Captains Hill Golf Course” overlooking St. John’s. They call Nfld. the “Rock” for good reason as the golf cart took an awful pounding along with our spines.  Our golf game also took a beating, but we must take full credit for that. The course was well groomed, the price reasonable and the panoramic view outstanding.
  • Walked around a local flea market, visited the “Rooms Art Museum” and enjoyed a fine meal in their restaurant. Visited “Quidi Vidi Brewery”, sampled some iceberg beer and back to George street for some east coast music and step dancing. Overall another great day!
  • We drove to “Cape Bonavista Lighthouse”, which is the most easterly point in Canada, stopping in the quaint town of Trinity for a look around.  Also, went to the Cape Spear light house. Encountered a moose on the road coming back to St. John’s and I am led to believe that is not an unusual event.  Missed it……. not even close!!!
  • We  ventured out to Portugal Cove, for curiosity sake and had fish and chips at the “Wild Horses Pub and Eatery”.  Newfoundlanders know how to prepare homemade French fries.  Purchased some cod tongues from a local fish monger and cooked them at our Rental house for supper. Cod tongues are supposed to be a delicacy but, I am sorry to say the taste was lost on me. The more you cooked them the mushier they became. The lobster we prepared on the BBQ was a big step up from the Cod.  The “Johnson Geo Centre Science Museum” on the road up to signal hill is an absolute must if you’re into museums. A big surprise and worth every minute spent there!

Observation: St. John’s served as our base for the holiday and we ventured on day trips from there. Although our limited time only allowed us to visit a small area of the Province, our lasting impression of the friendly people and culture was all positive.  Speaking of positive, there was no customs, no money to exchange, and no language to learn (Well maybe a little me darlin! Yep, we are still in Canada EH!)

Next….Off to Ireland

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