Touring around in Kerry, Ireland

  • We began the day trip from our self catering house in Bantry, journeying across the Caha Mountains, through Glengarriff,  and on our way to Kenmare where we would connect with the Ring of Kerry.  Great scenery through this sheep occupied mountain/tunnel region with plenty of “not to be missed” moments. The Ring of Kerry is approx. 180Km in distance.
  • We were told that the tour busses normally left from the Killarney area and travelled counter-clockwise on the Ring. The advice was to travel clockwise on the ring and our site visit stops would be less crowded if we started early. That was true except that the busses were driving towards us most of the way on the narrow mountain roads. OOPS !!
  • The Ring of Kerry is truly a lovely scenic route.  Our first stop was at the Parknasilla golf club and Resort & Spa where we walked the trails throughout the property and proceeded to lose our friends. It’s all OK, we found them!  The Parknasilla hotel is an eyeful and the golf prices are reasonable. This stop was just to stretch our legs and we did not stay at the hotel on this trip but the idea would have been more than acceptable.
  • We took a slight jog off the Ring to Valencia Island. The route was adventurous back road drive across the Island through Ballynahow to Portmagee for an enjoyable lunch at a local pub. We then took the Ferry short cut in Knights Town back onto the Ring of Kerry and headed towards Killarney for our drive back to Bantry through the Killarney National Park and Kenmare.  We were running out of daylight and did not have sufficient time to stop in Killarney to wander around with the thought of the mountains ahead and the possibility of fog moving in. In hindsight it would have been an excellent idea to arrange a night stay In Killarney and take in Dingle Peninsula and Killarney the next day.

Observation: Travel time of distances in Ireland seem to take a lot longer than you would expect coming from Canada.

Next……..Republic of Ireland, Cliffs of Moher

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