Dublin, Republic of Ireland

  • It was farewell to Galway and off to Dublin via the main motorway M6/M4. The motorway was a pleasure to drive after the narrow roads that we had become accustomed to on the “Wild Atlantic Way”. We drove directly to the airport, returning the rental car dent free (Hallelujah!), and taxied into the centre of the old Viking  settlement of Dublin for a few days of exploring before catching our flight back to Canada.
  • We were staying relatively close to The Temple Bar district and were able to walk to the attractions as well as take advantage of the Hop-on/ Hop-off bus network system. The bus system is not expensive, easy to navigate, and works extremely well. A car would be more of a disadvantage (nightmare) in downtown Dublin as it would be in any large city.
  • We had to search far and wide to find a bar (NOT!) but the restaurants were everywhere. The bus route took us past Trinity College, The National Gallery, Temple Bar, St. Stephens Green, Mansion House, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin Castle, Jameson distillery, Guinness Brewery, the Library and the Dublin Zoo just to mention a few attractions. You have many choices of where you wish to exit the bus and what attraction to visit. For some reason the Guinness bus stop was a favorite? The brewery’s footprint takes up at least a full city block and is the largest brewery that I have ever seen.  You must make arrangements ahead of time should you want to take this tour as it is very popular.
  • I have acquired a taste for Guinness and was pleasantly surprised that it was served cold in Ireland. We were told that the beer is delivered to the pubs by way of pipe lines running below ground throughout the city as it is too difficult delivering the barrels in the narrow streets without disrupting the flow of traffic.  As a side note, Mr. Guinness apparently had over 20 children during his lifetime. I am thinking, out loud, that his wife must have taken a liking to Guinness also with that number of children to raise!
  • On our last night in Dublin we reserved for a dinner show “Celtic nights” taking place at a hotel on Ormond Quay. A good choice for an evening of entertainment and the dances & songs were done well. The local pubs offer TRAD entertainment also but my experience is that there is normally standing room only at the popular locations and the entertainment is difficult to see. I believe that you will still be able to buy a libation though!

>>>>> Next….Guest writers covering Burgundy France!

Observation: Dublin is a vibrant city and you will have no shortage of interesting places to visit unless you are a hermit. This is a thumb up for Dublin and the welcoming people of Ireland!  Also, thanks to our special friends for sharing this experience in Ireland ……“Tour bus coming towards us!”

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