Gardens and Churches and Gelato, Oh My!

After a much needed deep sleep, we woke ready for another fantastic day in Paris!!

After grabbing breakfast at our hotel we set out to one of the two remaining natural islands in the Seine, le Île de la Cité. Here is where you’ll find the Notre Dame Cathedral, Place Dauphine and the location point zero which marks the centre of the city and is used to measure all other distances within Paris.

We reached the island by crossing Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge in Paris completed by Henry IV in 1607. On our way to the Cathedral we passed Place Dauphine, which is a small triangular garden space surrounded by interesting housing and shops. We chose to not go into the Cathedral since it wasn’t open at the time we got there and instead enjoyed the views from outside surround by the impressive architecture. We then continued back to the mainland to the famous Shakespeare & Company bookstore before making our way into the latin quarter.

During my research on the best places to go in Paris I read a lot about the Latin Quarter and the quaint markets and side streets you can adventure along and had to add it to our itinerary. I was not disappointed as we came across one of the markets which is simply booths set up along two of the streets and ranged from baked goods to jewellery and scarves. We made sure to grab a snack of various baked pretzels before we continued down to the Luxembourg Gardens. I highly recommend taking the trip down to these gardens to sit in one of the many chairs and benches the park offers with a snack as you people watch like a true Parisian. Just looking around the park you can see the magnificent Luxembourg Palace, originally built in 1615 and remodelled throughout the years to be the masterpiece that it is today. Don’t be surprised to see armed guards or military personnel as you get closer to the palace or around other landmarks in the city. There was also a large fountain where children could rent small sailboats with their country flag to push across the water.

Feeling the warm sun on our skin we developed a sudden craving for gelato and lucky for us I knew a place just around the corner called Amorino. This gelato shop is known for creating delicious gelato treats in the shape of a rose and allows you to choose as many flavours to go on your cone as you please.

That night we also went to an amazing restaurant called Le Bistro De Paris, which was again recommended to us by friends. Here we found some more authentic Parisian foods like foie gras and escargot, but were not adventurous enough to try them. They also set out complementary pieces of baguette on the table for us to nibble on while waiting for our main meals. For our main course, my cousin and I ordered a delicious meal of salmon with cooked vegetables that was probably one of the best meals I’ve ever tasted. My grandma had the filet mignon with béarnaise sauce and a side of potatoes, which was recommend to her by our waiter. For dessert we got a spread of delicious Parisian treats which included creme brûlée, chocolate mousse and puff pastries. Our waiter spoke fluent English from growing up in the USA which was great for us since he was able to translate the menu for us.

With our bellies and hearts full we went back to the hotel for a good night’s rest before having to wake up early the next morning for our trip to Versailles. Stay tuned for more about our adventures in Versailles!

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