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Au Revoir Paris

For our final day in Paris the weather was rainy and cloudy so we decided to try our hand at the indoor shopping malls in the area.

We started our day by walking from our hotel through the Jardin des Tuileries and winding streets of Paris on our way to Le Galeries Lafayette. We walked past the stunning Opera House Palais Garnier and continued to Boulevard Haussmann in search for our mall. After being searched by security we entered the mall and were immediately surrounded by hundreds of scarves and accessories. The scarves that I bought here were some of my best purchases on the trip since they were all beautiful and came at a great price of less than €20 each. As we continued through the rest of the floor I realized many of these stores we not so budget friendly and included famous brands like Gucci, Kate Spade and Prada. We quickly continued through the three floors of women fashion and were pleasantly surprised when I found some great  deals on their ready to wear collections which included a Parisian style trench coat and a cashmere sweater.

As we reached the top floor, we found a market style restaurant where you are free to pick whatever you want to eat from appetizers, meats and salads as well as desserts and fresh made juices. It didn’t come to a shock that the food here was just as delicious as everything else we had eaten in Paris and got to enjoy the closer views of the glass and steel dome. The entire store is built around the centre of the circular dome that leaves an open space for balconies on every level to look down from. The art nouveau architecture and impressive views of Paris are reason alone to visit this diverse shopping centre even if you only end up leaving with pictures and perhaps a coffee.


After we shopped till almost dropped, we passed a famous cafe called Angelina’s known for its decadent hot chocolate and stunning tea room. The line was too long for us to wait, but fortunately they had a small cart in front of the cafe selling their famous hot chocolate. One sip from this rich drink and I was a goner! It was like they had just melted down chocolate and served it in a cup it was so thick and rich with flavour.

As we continued along with our drinks the weather still wasn’t looking up, but we had one more thing on our list to visit. We had previously walked by the Tour Eiffel but only took pictures from a distance and decided if we came all this way to Pairs we needed to at least touch such a famous tourist attraction.

The base of the tower is surrounded by a wall which you can only enter by passing through the security set up at one location to ensure the landmark and its visitors’ safety. There is the option to take an elevator up the tower to a viewing platform or to the exclusive and highly demanded restaurant which we opted out of and instead just enjoyed looking up the centre of this large beast.


For our final meal in Paris we went back to one of our favourites restaurant Cocorico’s where we drank, ate and enjoyed our final night in the city of lights.


Thanks to everyone for following us through our magical journey of one of the most beautiful cities in the world!